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If you’re you a busy business owner (is there any other kind), or maybe a sports club, or a hobbyist etc but don’t yet have an online presence beyond Social Media, what’s stopping you from getting a proper website?

Maybe you don’t have the time to invest in putting a website together. Maybe you’ve been put off by the expense of digital marketing agencies (or worried that you don’t really know how to assess whether they’re giving you a good deal or not). Maybe you’re tempted by the well marketed promises of Wix or Squarespace (feel free to ask me why you should be cautious there).

Maybe I can help!

Hi, I’m Chris, I’m based in Cadishead and I’m looking to keep my digital skills sharp in my evenings and weekends through solving the everyday online problems of small local businesses.

I used to work in a digital marketing agency, but now I’m a full time ‘in-house’ Marketing Manager in my day job and have found that I miss the variety of working on several different websites for different businesses like I did ‘agency-side’.

Earning a little extra spending money is also welcome, so maybe we can help each other out?

Really? How Much?

Every website is different, so it’s hard to give exact prices, but for a very broad idea – A simple WordPress based site with 5 or so pages. Including;

  • Helping you buy your own hosting and Domain (it’s important that you have control of these)
  • Website set up
  • Local Listing if you don’t already have one
  • SSL Certificate applied (The ‘green’ padlock)
  • Add Google analytics and Search Console
  • Include simple back-up options
  • Provide training on how to use the site, add your own content and make basic changes
  • Advice/Guidance on optimising content for search engines (SEO)

All this could be done for less than £900.

Why so little? I’ve been quoted Thousands!

A lot of the really good digital marketing agencies will custom code the site framework (theme) and other features to perfectly match the brief of their clients which is why they charge so much. (A tailored suit from Saville Row will cost more than an off-the peg number from a supermarket and will fit you perfectly).  This takes a lot of time and the coding skill of a web developer which is important for large businesses and brands, but is likely overkill for a small business.

On the other hand, I’ve encountered a number of small business owners who’ve had a family member or friend enthusiastically throw a site together for them years ago, either for free or for very little and then get bored down the line leaving the business with a site they can’t update and that never appears in search engine results.

Lastly, there are those who will sell a fairly basic, unoptimised website, but attempt to charge custom coded prices, knowing that many potential clients won’t know the difference. Beware of these!

What If You Just Need a Little Help Every Once In A While?

Whether I’ve built your site or not, I’m happy to discuss arrangements for ongoing help if you’d like, but you’re under no obligation.

Running your own website isn’t all that hard once it’s set up and  if I’ve built it for you I’ll have given you the guidance you need to post your own content unaided as part of the set up process. Naturally, I’m happy to provide additional aid if needed.

If you already have a website but;

■ Need help optimising your site for ranking in search results (SEO)

■ Don’t have time to write unique page content, blogs or product descriptions

■ Just need to bounce ideas off someone

I can help there too. I’m always happy to have a chat about websites – especially if there’s coffee involved!

Why not get in touch?

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